Uranische Astrologie

nach dem System von

Ruth Brummund



Dear Ruth


I have gradually followed your lesson and am so impressed with the program and also your instruction.


Thank you this lesson is very beneficial.


Best regards Ann 17th August 2014



I have read your last lecture and found out that it is one of the most details lecture that I have never experienced from anybody or any text book. I sure will study them thouroughly.


B.r.Ann the 22nd September 2014



And last but not least, I think your methodology is superb and I feel so glad that I found you, on the top of that it is such a big honor to me that you offer to share your knowledges and experiences with me. If I were in Germany …. you would be the only I am heading for Uranian Class no matter or how other people feel or think about your theory.


Thank you

Best regards


Ann S. Bangkok 24th September 2014